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The leading underwriting platform for commercial insurance

Our API Underwriting Platform enables insurers to easily architect best in class underwriting workflows and distribute at scale.

Grow new business

Price effectively where exposure data is sparse using full-stack data ingestion, risk scoring, and pricing models.

Improve performance

Enhance risk selection and pricing performance by incorporating thousands of external data points.

Underwrite faster

Streamline underwriting processes and deliver fast, frictionless quotes to customers and broker partners.

Building blocks for underwriting

Boost profitability and make it easier for businesses to purchase cover.


Enhance risk selection and improve premium adequacy

Driven by data

  • Thousands of external data points improve the sophistication of risk selection and pricing
  • Augment underwriting decisions with 70+ additional rating factors

Complete market view

  • Identify attractive risks that are mispriced by the market
  • Target new segments without loss history and penetrate current segments more effectively


Dynamically adjust underwriting rules to optimise conversion in target segments

Maintain control over your pricing

  • Define and update custom rating logic and underwriting rules as needed
  • Enforce trade sector blacklists and whitelists

Respond quickly to changing market conditions

  • Rapidly identify and address pricing inaccuracies
  • Easily adjust prices to reflect changes in underlying risks


Quote in less than 40 seconds and improve customer and broker experiences

Questionless underwriting

  • Remove complex questions and long forms from quotation interfaces
  • Make it fast and easy for brokers to place risk through online portals

Streamlined risk assessment

  • Automate underwriting across SME lines of business
  • Expedite complex risk assessment for analysis and decision


Continuously optimise your appetite over time to build the most profitable portfolio

Compounding data advantage

  • Models are regularly updated as new data, rating factors, and claims become available
  • Risk selection and pricing performance improve over time

Enhance portfolio mix

  • Gain a clear view of the entire market to continuously analyse the performance of different segments
  • Articulate changes in appetite to broker partners, driving growth in the most profitable areas

Supported lines of business

Large Corporate

Property and Liability


Property and Liability


Property and Liability, FinPro


Differentiate risk at a more granular level than the market and improve risk selection and pricing across your portfolio.


Create underwriting rules and rates specific to your pricing strategy and update them as needed to meet changing market conditions. Our integration engineers work closely with you to define configurations that correspond to your risk appetite.

“The Cytora effect is quite transformational. The benefits not only include selecting and writing better risks, but also prospecting differently and driving new business we weren’t expecting. We expect it to have a real impact, resulting in better loss ratios. We’ll be driving this across the entire organisation.”

Ted Stuckey

Head of Global Innovation Lab, QBE Ventures


Never miss an opportunity. Return quotes to customers and broker partners in less than 40 seconds, without using long forms and complex question sets.


Respond ahead of the market to changes in underlying risk and quickly implement rate changes.

“MS Amlin’s underwriting knowledge and specialist expertise, aligned to Cytora’s technology, is a formidable combination. We are focused on increasing digital integration, improving operational efficiency and the user experience for our brokers and clients, and this partnership with Cytora helps us improve all three.”

Ted Aerts

Head of Strategy, Digital & Operations P&C, MS Amlin

Seamless integration, huge value

The Cytora API Underwriting Platform integrates with existing underwriting applications, e-trade platforms, and direct-to-consumer websites. We offer various levels of customisation to suit the needs of every insurer.

Cytora Terminal

Cytora Terminal puts the power of the Risk Engine at your fingertips. Using our intuitive web application, underwriting teams can discover the risk score and price for every insurable business and property, and focus on the most attractive appetite relevant risks.

Risk Engine API

The Risk Engine API connects directly to apps, e-trade platforms and core underwriting systems to automate the underwriting process. Once integration is complete, Cytora risk scores are displayed in your underwriting interface.

Bring Cytora’s risk targeting, selection, and pricing advantage to your portfolio.