Building the future of
risk quantification

For the past decade the insurance industry has failed to grow with the rest of the global economy. 
A separation is emerging between the risk transfer needs of society and the products offered by insurers. Insurers need new ways to acquire data, quantify risk and develop compelling products.  

Cytora was born out of the belief that the data distributed online can unlock superior risk selection and pricing. Founded in 2014 by a multidisciplinary team and spun out of the University of Cambridge, we combine dynamic data collection with top-down modelling. This approach allows new segments of economic activity to be quantified, modelled and insured.   

Today we deliver data and insight to insurers across the underwriting lifecycle, with clients using our proprietary data analytics platform in both Europe and North America.


Investors and

Our investors and advisory team hails from insurance, finance, search and machine learning backgrounds and are associated with some of the world's leading technology companies including Funding Circle, Risk Management Solutions,, Swiftkey and Horizon Discovery. 



"Without access to high quality data, underwriters can often only make a best guess at the characteristics of the risks they are offered. Cytora has identified new ways to source information and efficiently turn this into data that has never before been available to underwriters."

        Founder of Abernite, former Chief Markets Officer

"Cytora can gauge risk in anything from insurance underwriting to your daily commute. Our technology utilises the latest innovations in deep learning, all thoroughly evaluated on a wide range of carefully
created datasets."

        Professor of Computational Linguistics
        University of Cambridge

Our People

Cytora consists of a diverse team of machine learning scientists, risk modelling specialists and generalists. We share the belief that the web is the world’s richest data store about risk, and the future of relevant insurance is dependent on access to the data insights present in online data. We are always looking for bright minds with a voracious appetite for learning.