Your underwriting strategy, executed.

Cytora digitises every risk that flows through your business, evaluates them against your underwriting strategy, and routes them to the right place in your organisation, first time.


The Risk Operations Gap

Submissions, renewals and mid-term adjustments block business growth because they need to be reviewed and routed manually.

Skilled underwriters waste precious time assessing every risk, instead of being free to focus on profitable risks only.

Leaders don’t have the necessary visibility or control to actively steer a target portfolio at pace.

So there’s always a painful gap between your underwriting strategy and what gets executed.

Remove the gap

between your strategy and frontline execution.

Give your underwriters the power to write more of the risks you want.

How it works:

Digitise risks as they flow through your business.


Cytora creates a live digital stream of every submission, renewal and mid-term adjustment. Capturing critical information and augmenting with third party data. Making your insurance workflow machine readable, instantly.

Evaluate risks in the context of your underwriting strategy.


Cytora assesses every request against your defined appetite and portfolio goals. Accurately identifying risks you want, risks you don’t – and what action should be taken to maximise chances of converting attractive risks into policies.

Route every risk to the optimal destination.


Risks that are outside of your appetite, or don’t align with your portfolio goals, are filtered and saved. Attractive risks are prioritised based on value and routed to the most appropriate destination. Be that to a skilled underwriter, an admin team, or an automated process.

Control the journey of every risk, and grow profitably.

Insurers grow faster with Cytora.

Identify all the risks that will advance your underwriting strategy in real-time, as they flow in.

Automatically triage risks to the right destination first time, enhanced with intelligence to support effective underwriting decisions.

Consistently delight your brokers and customers with faster responses, and improve the composition of your portfolio at pace.

Write more premium, at lower cost.

Reduce time spent on unprofitable risks and low-value tasks

Gain 2x more underwriting capacity, without adding people.

Increase quote to bind ratio by 19% on avg.

Grow faster, without compromising loss ratio.

Your underwriting strategy, executed.

Set your underwriters up for success, drive premium growth and reduce expenses.

Why top insurers trust Cytora

AXA XL uses Cytora to improve risk selection, increase broker response time and bind more policies.

QBE uses Cytora to identify profitable risks at the point of submission, and increase premium growth.

Starr uses Cytora to help underwriters spend more time underwriting, less time rekeying.

Award-winning technology

Integrates seamlessly with all major CRMs and PAS.

Step into the new era of digital insurance, with Cytora.