Data APIs

All the data you need to augment your submissions

Assess risks faster. Improve underwriter productivity. Grow revenues.

Insurers are spending valuable time pulling risk information from multiple sources for submissions. Our Data APIs automatically augment submissions with property, company and addresses data, dramatically reducing the time it takes to assess a risk. 

Company API
Boost submission to quote speed with relevant company data

Quickly access relevant company risk data to speed up and complete your submission, including information about registered companies and the trade that the company operates in.

Property API
Relevant property information in an instant

Our Property API instantly connects information such as fire risk and adjacent building occupancy to each submission, providing the information you need to accurately quote in seconds.

Addresses API
Find, verify and correct any address

Resolve addresses, match addresses to company names and turn company names into coordinates on a map. You only need one business identifier to accurately locate a customer.

Augmented risk information in an instant

Our APIs continuously capture and connect information from multiple sources to build an ever-expanding view of risk. This gives you access to over 100 validated data attributes to complete your submissions in near real-time.

“Cytora automatically populates our rating tools with external data via APIs that we would normally have to search for online, or ask additional questions to our Brokers. This process reduces our total quote time by up to 30%, allowing us to produce many more quotes, more efficiently and with a quicker response time.”

Richard Ellis

UK SME Pricing Director at Unicorn Underwriting