Cytora Session: Data visualisation - transforming how we share information

Cytora Sessions bring together bright minds to discuss bold ideas across data science, engineering, strategy, and design. The aim is to bring people together to share insights, experiences and inspire discussion.

During this session, we’ll discuss data visualisation and how we can take complex data and communicate it in a simple and compelling way.


Calum Hale, Senior Designer, Beyond Words Studio

Calum is a graphic designer with 6 years experience, specialising in information design and data visualisation. In his role as senior designer at Beyond Words Studio he creates visually-compelling and meaningful visualisations that tell stories with data. Previously he was data viz lead at artificial intelligence company QuantumBlack, a McKinsey Company, where he worked closely with UI and UX designers for clients from Formula 1 to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing.

John Burn-Murdoch, Senior Data-Visualisation Journalist, The Financial Times
John Burn-Murdoch is senior data visualisation journalist at the Financial Times, where he analyses and visualises data to tell stories about the world around us, covering topics from climate change to politics, economics, popular culture and more. Before getting his hands dirty at the FT with the technical work of creating data visualisations, John wrote about data and machine learning for the Guardian.


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