Improve your loss ratio by up to 18%

Insurers who have a data and analytics advantage will identify the most profitable segments and compete on winning the best performing risks. The Cytora Risk Engine powers a range of products to improve risk selection, both at the portfolio level and at the point of underwriting.


Access to the Risk Engine unlocks multiple benefits

  • Strategy
  • Distribution
  • Underwriting

Identify the risk score for every submission, ranked against other similar risks, including those outside of your book.

  • Instantly differentiate between profitable and unprofitable risks relative to other risks in the same trade sector and strike at the most attractive opportunities.

  • Accurately assess thin-file submissions where traditional models and data sources fail.

  • Strategy
  • Distribution
  • Underwriting

Accurate technical pricing for every submission based on population-scale exposure and loss data.

  • Set precise premiums that cover future losses

  • Accurately price thin-file submissions that are typically overlooked or priced generically

  • Strategy
  • Distribution
  • Price

Reveal profit reservoirs within your existing book and attractive new micro-segments outside of your exposure based on changing burn rates and volatility.

  • Set rates accurately for difficult to write micro-segments

  • Target profitable niches with granular selection decisions which penetrate beneath high-level segments

Cytora’s unique approach to risk selection and pricing


Every insurable risk is
known and ranked


Data is updated continuously


5 years for a human to read the data processed daily


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Target the most attractive risks
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Improve expense ratios

Automate processes and optimise your bind rate across priority segments

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