Transforming mid-market insurance with digital MGA C-Quence

Today we’re announcing that we’ve joined forces with Digital MGA C-Quence to drive forward innovation in commercial P&C underwriting.

C-Quence will use Cytora’s Property API to instantly connect hundreds of property, location and other data attributes to each P&C submission to gain a more complete view of risk. This will feed into the sophisticated algorithms that underpin C-Q Elements, C-Quence’s technology-enabled underwriting and transaction platform.

Cytora was built to make it easier for companies like C-Quence to reinvent the status quo. The partnership marks an important step in the digitisation of mid-market insurance, with companies like C-Quence embracing technology to build better customer experiences and a better understanding of risk.

C-Quence CEO Jacqueline McNamee, who is speaking at this year’s Cytora Summit, explained why she chose to work with Cytora to shape the future of commercial insurance:

Individually we are both making a difference. By combining our considerable capabilities we are confident of accelerating long needed transformation in our industry, helping brokers to place risk more easily and providing a more efficient trading experience.

At Cytora, we believe C-Quence is going to drive significant positive change across the industry, so it’s a pleasure to announce the partnership today.

For more information about how you can use our Property API to transform the efficiency and accuracy of your underwriting, click here.