The platform for programmable insurance

The Cytora platform provides easy-to-integrate APIs that enrich and automate underwriting, distribution, and portfolio management.

Explore our use cases

Automated Underwriting

Accelerate underwriting and improve performance using accurate location and rating information.

Digital Affinity

Embed SME insurance into any application or affinity channel.

Reinsurance Portfolios

Overcome data inadequacy to give underwriters a superior view of risk.

Compounding data advantage

Our platform is powered by the Cytora Risk Engine, which continuously captures and connects information from multiple sources to build an ever-expanding view of risk. As new data is added, customers integrated with our API can access new information instantaneously, improving the quality and integrity of their own data over time.

See what insurers are building with Cytora

A superior view of risk

Learn how a leading P&C Reinsurer used Reinsurance Portfolios APIs to improve expected loss costs

Automated underwriting enrichment

Learn how a UK Insurer used the Cytora platform to reduce administration time and grow premium in mid-market property and liability lines.

New channels for growth

Learn how a global Insurer used Cytora APIs to build an SME quote platform that allows business owner customers to easily buy insurance direct.

Powerful benefits, infinitely scalable

Security by design

Your data is secure. We use enterprise grade security standards to ensure data privacy.

Cloud native

Our APIs are always available, continuously upgraded, and auto-scale to meet your usage needs.

Low latency

Our platform lets you achieve ultra-fast query responses, enabling real-time decision making.

“We are focused on increasing digital integration, improving operational efficiency and the user experience for our brokers and clients, and this partnership with Cytora helps us improve all three.”

Ted Aerts

Head of Strategy, Digital & Operations P&C, MS Amlin