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The Prioritise API enables underwriting teams to process submissions faster. 

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The Prioritise API drives multiple use-cases depending on your business needs. See what you can build.

Create prioritised submission inboxes

Rank open market submissions by profitability, appetite relevancy, and win likelihood.

Automate decline decisions

Automatically decline submissions that do not match underwriting appetite.

Create next best action recommendations

Use next best action recommendations for each submission to allocate underwriting time more efficiently.

Benefits of using Prioritise

Increase productivity

Increase underwriting productivity by automating repetitive low-value tasks.

Seize every opportunity

Quote the best submissions first to increase your win rate.

See the full picture

Enrich submissions to build the most comprehensive view of each risk.

See what insurers are building with Prioritise

UK mid-market Insurer uses Prioritise to increase quote volume

Learn how a UK Insurer used Prioritise to grow premium in mid-market property and liability lines.

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