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Improve profitability and deliver frictionless experiences to your customers

Our Products

Powered by the Cytora Risk Engine, our products operate across the insurance value chain to improve risk targeting, enable questionless underwriting, and drive sharper risk selection and pricing for insurers.

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Easy to integrate

Whether you’re a large global insurance company, or a nimble insurer looking to grow a portfolio from scratch, the Cytora Risk Engine can be deployed in under 6 weeks.


Measurable impact

Cytora delivers quantifiable value to insurers all over the world. Using our products, customers can reduce expenses by up to 8%, and improve loss ratios by as much as 5%.

Underwrite Direct

For insurers who want to provide questionless underwriting to customers and brokers, Cytora Underwrite Direct can be embedded into any website or app using a few lines of javascript code.

Seamless integration

Embed our widget into any app, portal or website. No design or development is required.

Quote in less than 40 seconds

Make offering insurance and trading with distribution partners fast and easy, requiring only a business name and address to quote.

Build the best SME proposition

Take advantage of integrated third party APIs including payment providers and customer support to build superior SME products.

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“Cytora brings us a different depth of analysis. It means our analytics are much more powerful and we can come to better underwriting decisions.”

Steven Blakey

CEO, Starr Insurance Holdings

Underwrite API

For insurers who want to use Cytora Underwrite within existing systems, the Cytora Underwrite API connects directly to e-trade platforms and core underwriting systems where risk submissions are scored and priced.

Intuitive and easy to use

After integration is complete, Cytora risk scores are displayed in your underwriting interface alongside familiar sources of information.

Win the best risks automatically

Automatically identify and quote on attractive, in-appetite risks across SME and mid-market lines.

Supports your pricing strategy

Prices can be dynamically set by each insurer, generating unique discounting and loading combinations to support different pricing strategies.

“We are excited to be working with Cytora, a company that has, in just three years, built such an excellent reputation around its ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help drive better business decisions.”

Vincent Branch

Chief Executive, XL Catlin Accelerate


For underwriting teams who want to consume Cytora via an intuitive web interface, Cytora Terminal is a web application which enables teams to incorporate Cytora risk scores and prices into their underwriting workflow.

The power of the Risk Engine at your fingertips

See a risk score and price for any insurable property or business using just a business name and address.

Make data-driven underwriting decisions

Use key drivers to understand why a risk has a particular score, and drill down into individual sites to understand the effects of different perils.

Improve underwriting profitability

Focus underwriter time on the most attractive, appetite relevant risks.

“Cytora enables us to identify attractive areas that match our risk appetite and expertise but where we are currently underrepresented. This helps us to focus our efforts on the customer relationships where we can add the greatest value.”

Richard Pryce

CEO, QBE European Operations

Cytora Target

For commercial insurers who want to grow premium in profitable new segments, Cytora Target enables you to increase conversion of target risks at the scale of the entire market.

Identify and target attractive segments

Identify growth opportunities within and outside your existing portfolio that match your risk appetite.

Convert the best risks

Drive appetite relevant submissions using targeted marketing in intermediated and direct channels.

Optimise your portfolio mix

Continuously tune your segment choices and refine your portfolio mix to achieve a better loss ratio.

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Bring Cytora’s risk targeting, selection and pricing advantage to your portfolio.