Property API

All of the data you need to underwrite insurance risks, one API call.

Improve underwriting efficiency and accuracy

Insurers often receive incomplete information in submissions, which makes it difficult for them to assess risks accurately. Our Property API automatically enriches submissions with property, location, and rating data from 50+ sources to enable fast, accurate assessment.

Property API

There are three different ways to interact with the Property API depending on your underwriting process.


Use an ID such as a UPRN to retrieve information about a property or list of properties


Use an address string to search for an individual property and receive a list of matches so that you can select the best result


Powered by machine learning, resolve automatically identifies the best property match, issues a confidence score, and enriches it with validated data

import requests url = "" query_params = { "attributes": "roofMaterial,distanceFireStation,structureMaterial", "fullAddress":"First floor east, 9 Dallington street, Islington, London, EC1V 0BQ" } headers = { "accept": "application/json", "authorization": "Basic aW5mb0BjeXRvcmEuY29tOm15c2VjcmV0cGFzc3dvcmQxMjM=" } response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, params=query_params) print(response.text)
{ "type": "unit", "address": { "id": "02b07d8f5d89c6e3274bd2c14bd0f9ecbc788fa9", "fullAddress": "FIRST FLOOR EAST, 9 DALLINGTON STREET, ISLINGTON, LONDON, EC1V 0BQ", "postcode": "EC1V 0BQ", "country": "GB", "latitude": 51.5245535, "longitude": -0.1005997 }, "attributes": { "structureMaterial": { "value": "masonry" }, "roofMaterial": { "value": "masonry" }, "distanceFireStation": { "value": 2.4, "unit": "kilometres" } } }

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Richard Ellis
UK SME Pricing Director at Unicorn Underwriting
Cytora automatically populates our rating tools with external data via APIs that we would normally have to search for online, or ask additional questions to our Brokers. This process reduces our total quote time by up to 30%, allowing us to produce many more quotes, more efficiently and with a quicker response time.