Reinsurance Portfolios

Overcome data inadequacy to give underwriters a superior view of risk


Reinsurers often receive incorrect and incomplete data in portfolio submissions, making it difficult to evaluate risks and negotiate contracts.


The Cytora platform provides a set of easy-to-integrate APIs that correct and enrich portfolios with accurate location and rating information.

All the tools you need to improve data quality

Portfolio Management API
Upload, store, and access portfolios

Use the Cytora platform to run data transformations and portfolio analytics from one place, maintaining a single source of truth.

Portfolio Management API
Verify data quality

Use data quality scores to quickly identify portfolios with insufficient or inaccurate data.

Portfolio Jobs API
Correct building locations

Use reverse geocoding to correct errors in building level location information, improving the integrity of your data.

Portfolio Jobs API
Enrich with building level attributes

Enrich portfolios with building level attributes such as construction and building height to overcome insufficient modifiers data and boost fill rates.

Key benefits for reinsurers

Gain a superior view of risk

Correct erroneous or missing data with accurate location and rating information.

Improve client engagement

Enrich your view of cedant portfolios to facilitate negotiation and differentiate your offering.

Understand your exposure

Inform your portfolio management strategy with high resolution data and insights.

“Cytora helps us transform our product design, pricing, underwriting, claims and risk engineering capabilities to the benefit of our clients and brokers.”

Vincent Branch

CEO, Innovate, AXA-XL