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The Select API is a rating engine that provides a cost-effective way to launch and update e-trade products.

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The Select API drives multiple use-cases depending on your business needs. See what you can build.

Create risk-specific loadings and discounts

Optimise static rating models with additional data points not captured at submission to set a more precise premium for each underlying risk.

Dynamic pricing for e-trade

Enable dynamic pricing for e-trade, updated continuously based on new data and deployed into production instantly.

Benefits of using Select

Drive growth

Accelerate new business conversion in e-trade channels.

Reduce entry costs

Launch cost-effective e-trade products, with full control of rate updates.

Move faster

Speed up the model enhancement cycle to compete more effectively.

See what insurers are building with Select

Learn how MS Amlin is using Cytora to improve risk selection and pricing

MS Amlin works with Cytora to improve and automate underwriting decisions across its commercial property portfolio.

Learn how QBE is using Cytora to enhance underwriting decisions

QBE works with Cytora to achieve more refined and accurate pricing across its commercial portfolio.

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