Underwriting Productivity Suite

Overcome underwriting inefficiencies to drive productivity gains 


Commercial underwriters don't have the right tools available to reduce manual work, prioritise submissions and convert the most valuable business.


Cytora’s Underwriting Productivity Suite supercharges underwriters, reducing expense ratios and delivering profitable growth.

How it works

  • Augment submissions with external data

  • Filter submissions to meet risk appetite

  • Prioritise submissions based on growth, profit and LTV


Underwriters need to spend time pulling risk information from disparate sources and spend up to 40% of time on admin tasks like data collection today.

Our Data APIs enable you to automate this activity, reducing the time it takes to underwrite a given submission.


Underwriters spend time on out-of-appetite risks, which constitute up to half of incoming submissions.

Our solution eliminates these, ensuring underwriters don’t waste time on unnecessary work.


Underwriters don’t have the tools to assess the value of a submission, so they often follow a “first in first out” approach and don’t have time to follow-up with brokers.

Our solution indicates which submissions are key so underwriters can take the best course of action to increase conversion, accelerating growth and life time value of the book by over 20%.

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Key benefits for underwriters

Unlock value through automation

Free up underwriter time for high-value activity by eliminating low-value tasks

Focus solely on valuable work

Filter out-of-appetite submissions to ensure underwriters don’t waste time on unnecessary work

Maximise submission conversion

Identify key submissions to take the right course of action for conversion

“Cytora helps us transform our product design, pricing, underwriting, claims and risk engineering capabilities to the benefit of our clients and brokers.”

Vincent Branch

CEO, Innovate, AXA-XL