Join us on our mission to transform insurance

Build the future with us

At Cytora you will work alongside some of the brightest minds in machine learning and risk modelling. You'll contribute to projects that have a global impact, such as helping insurers generate fairer premiums and enabling society at large to transfer risk in new and seamless ways.

Our Team

Our culture is built on collaborative problem-solving. We celebrate originality and first principle thinking and give people the authority to solve problems creatively. Our team members have a range of different backgrounds, and we believe in the value of cultivating a diverse team. We recruit on a rolling basis. If you'd like to work with us but don't see an opening that suits your skillset, we would still like to hear from you.

Our values

Start with the customer

We consider the customer first, developing a genuine understanding of their world to ensure we build useful products that deliver measurable value.

Ship fast and iterate

We move fast. The sooner we ship the faster we learn. Speed will define our success - perfection comes later.

Impact, not ego

We work with humility and empathy. We prioritise what is right for the company, regardless of the task or glory associated with it.

Slay dragons

We work together to attack the most valuable problems, bravely and decisively. We ignore low impact problems to focus on what's important.



Cytorians can choose to work from any location they desire, no longer restricted by the unnecessary demands of a physical office.

Work abroad budget

£2000 for every Cytorian each year, empowering and encouraging us to work beyond our regular spaces.

Share options

Giving a deeper level of buy-in and commitment to Cytora as we have ownership over what we are creating.

Flexible hours

Core hours of 10-4pm, embodying our belief of a strong work/life balance.

£1500 L&D

Individual training budget, with additional development sessions throughout the week (AWS certification, engineering council, coding dojo, mentoring system, and more).

CBT therapist

Placing mental health at the heart of Cytora by offering regular time with a qualified CBT therapist.

Vitality private healthcare

Providing health cover and encouraging a healthier lifestyle through discounts, offers and exclusive opportunities driven by your efforts.

Parental leave

Moving away from the typical maternity/paternity leave, instead focusing on primary and secondary leave. Primary leave is 18 weeks whilst secondary leave is 6 weeks, instead of the statutory 1-2. We have no requirement for tenure to qualify for this benefit.