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Powering insurance companies of the future

Cytora transforms the way commercial insurers target, select and price risk. Our products enable insurers to improve underwriting profitability and reduce expenses while providing a frictionless buying experience to their customers.

The Cytora Risk Engine

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Cytora Risk Engine helps insurers to target the most profitable risks, improve risk selection and pricing, and deliver questionless underwriting to customers and distribution partners.

We process, extract, verify and connect billions of data points from external and internal sources.

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The Cytora Risk Engine uses artificial intelligence to learn the patterns of different risks and loss outcomes over time and computes a rank, score, and price for every property and company in the population.

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The Cytora Risk Engine generates peril-specific scores to deliver a granular view of each individual risk.

Our configuration layer allows each insurer to dynamically set scores and prices, generating unique discounting and loading rules to support different pricing strategies.

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Driven by data

We believe the key to an improved insurance industry is rooted in the value of data. The Cytora Risk Engine identifies patterns of good and bad risks over time, analyzing billions of data points every day to refine its performance.

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Uniquely configurable

Internal data inputs tune the Cytora Risk Engine to reflect the appetite of each insurance company. Our configuration layer enables each insurer to set unique loading and discount strategies and risk selection parameters.

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