Digital Risk Processing

Digitise, evaluate and route risks to the right destinations

Cytora digitises every risk that flows through your business, evaluates them against your underwriting strategy, and routes them to the right place, first time.

Drive premium growth

Create up to 50% new capacity for underwriting teams to drive growth in target risk segments

Improve underwriting margins

Improve margins through superior control over risk selection

Risk Digitisation

Cytora digitises every risk that flows through your business by extracting key data points and augmenting the risk with third party data points that broaden and deepen the risk profile

Risk Evaluation

Cytora understands the risk in the context of your risk appetite and portfolio strategy and matches the risk to multiple segments enabling the risk to be processed differently including filtering by risk appetite and ranking by priority

Risk Routing

Cytora routes the decision-ready risk to the right destinations, matching the risk to the right underwriter based on complexity and expertise level and updating multiple destination systems with the correct risk information

Fully configurable with end-to-end observability


Fully configurable allowing you to integrate new data sources, define your rules and optimise your risk flows in response to market dynamics



Measurable benefits

Create underwriting capacity

Create capacity for your underwriters
to quote and win more
of the right risks

Improve underwriting margins

Improve underwriting margins
through superior control
over risk selection

Learn how Digital Risk Processing unlocks scalability

Measurable results

We pick better risks and with the speed, save operating expenses

"Cytora means we can come to better underwriting decisions, save operating expenses, so we increase our margins"

Steve Blakey, CEO

Cytora will enable us to create capacity to effectively grow

“At Markel, we are committed to giving brokers and clients enhanced service levels and Cytora will enable us to create capacity to effectively grow our scale in our key sectors and enable our underwriters to provide further enhanced service”

Neil Galjaard, Divisional Managing Director

Providing a more efficient trading experience

"We are confident of accelerating long needed transformation in our industry, helping brokers to place risk more easily and providing a more efficient trading experience"

Jacqueline McNamee, CEO

Providing exceptional service to our customers and brokers

"Cytora will enable us to grow our scale across our specialist markets, embed and reinforce a data-driven culture and empower our underwriters to provide better service to customers and brokers”

Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director

Duck Creek Technologies

"Cytora offers an excellent solution that solves several complex problems at once and Duck Creek is thrilled to welcome them into our rapidly-growing Partner Ecosystem."

Bart Patrick
Managing Director, EMEA

Markel International

"Cytora will enable underwriters to give further enhanced service to customers and brokers"

Neil Galjaard
Divisional Managing Director

Move from manual workflows to digital risk flows