S3E3: Allianz Transformation Focus: Risk Prioritisation and Same Day Turnaround Time

In this episode, Juan is joined by Jason Howes, Director of Business Transformation at Allianz Commercial UK, and Jonathon Gray, Transformation Business Owner at Allianz Insurance. With the guests coming from the same company, the trio discuss the vision and structure of the transformation initiatives taking place at Allianz, how risk prioritisation can help companies win business, and why digital risk flows might be the future of insurance.

S3E2: A Guide to Understanding the Data Challenges in Reinsurance

In this episode, Juan is accompanied by Paolo Cuomo, the Executive Director of Gallagher Re. Over the course of the show, Juan and Paolo discuss the challenges with data in reinsurance, how cyber development is learning lessons from the CAT property space, and why large amounts of data can actually be ineffective for insurers.

S3E1: 4 Key Areas of Data Automation to Fuel Broker Growth

In the first episode of Season 3, Juan invites Philippe Lutgen, the Chief Operating Officer for Howden Broking in Europe, onto Making Risk Flow. The pair discuss the four key areas to success in broking, how data automation could be integrated into broking processes, and how the industry could make strides in underinsurance.

S2E8: 20 Years as CEO of Hiscox: Personal Reflections and the Evolution of PPL

In this episode of Making Risk Flow, Juan is joined by Bronek Masojada, the former CEO of Hiscox and the current Chairman at Placing Platform Limited (PPL). Their conversation ranges from discussing Bronek’s time at Hiscox and his reflections on the challenges he faced, to talking about how PPL works, how it is being received by the market, and its successes.

S2E7: Digital-first operating models in mid-market commercial to enhance broker and client experience

In this episode, Juan is joined by Simon McGinn, CEO of Allianz Commercial UK, and Richard Coleman, Managing Director, UKGI at Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, on a panel discussion at a Making Risk Flow live event. With the guests coming from two contrasting insurers, in terms of scale, Juan asks the guests how their companies are approaching digital transformation, what avenues they are prioritising, and any vital lessons they’ve learned throughout the process.

S2E6: Hiscox: The story of how they cracked underwriting small business

In this episode, Juan is accompanied by Steven Wilkins, Senior Vice President and Head of Casualty at Hiscox USA, to discuss how Hiscox successfully underwrites for smaller businesses. Amongst other things, their conversation covers how to handle renewals, ways to deal with mid-term adjustments, and the creative work that goes into profiling potential clients.

S2E5: Driving Profitable Growth Through Digital Risk Flows in Cyber Underwriting

In this episode, Juan is joined by Roman Itskovich, Co-founder and Chief Risk Officer at At-Bay, and Jay Rajendra, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Arch Capital Group, on a panel at ITC Vegas 2022. The trio discuss the current landscape of the insurance market, how data-driven cyber underwriting is helping to open up new opportunities for the sector, and the prospects and challenges of cyber underwriting.

S2E4: The Role of Culture, Digitisation, and Embedded Insurance in the Evolution of Underwriting

In this episode, Juan is joined by Thierry Daucourt, Head of P&C Commercial Lines European Markets at AXA, to discuss how digitisation is upending the underwriting value chain. The pair discuss how the underwriter's role has changed in the production, management, and valuation of information, and how technological advancements can free underwriters to concentrate on activities that generate additional revenue.

S2E3: Virtual Panel Debate | Flexible, Digital, and Embedded: The Future Of SMEs

In this episode of Making Risk Flow, our host, Juan de Castro, joined Helen Troman, Chief Underwriting Officer Small Commercial at Chubb, and Ian Fantozzi, Chief Executive Officer at Beazley Digital, on a panel of the Commercial Lines Innovation Europe 2022. They discussed how insurance can embrace flexibility and digitization to deliver a better service.

S2E2: Deploying digital risk flows: a how-to guide

In this episode Juan and Cytora’s very own VP of Customer Success Matt Churchill talk about a practical approach to deploying digital risk flows and the benefits of each stage of the transformation. The conversation covers architectural challenges and solutions, and it lays out the incremental steps an insurer can take to maximise the chances of successful deployments.

S1E1: View from the board - 3 aspects that differentiate leaders from laggards

This episode marks the return of Making Risk Flow, season 2! We are kicking off with an episode packed with thoughts on the strategic initiatives of the day and actionable advice for any insurer aiming to be a winner in their market. Juan and his guest, an industry veteran, Mark Cliff (ex RSA, AXA, Ageas, Brightside) talk about 3 big shifts in the industry that will separate the leaders from the laggards.

Special episode: How using data is improving insurance services

This is a bonus episode during our between-the-seasons break. This time Juan was a guest at another great podcast - Covered in 15. It was an interesting conversation about how data can improve insurance services.

S1E10: Live Edition: Digital first operating models with Markel and Beazley

The last episode of Season 1 of Making Risk Flow brings a special edition which was recorded live in London. Juan had fantastic panel discussion bringing Nic Brown, Divisional Director - Broker, from Markel International, and a star of a recent episode James Wright, Head of Technology at Beazley Digital. They've chatted about the challenges that major insurers face and the solutions they adopt.

S1E9: Analysis of full submission inflow to power appetite expansion

In this episode, Juan and his guest Adrian Brown are talking about the possibilities of appetite expansion by utilising all of the data from all the risks that insurers see every day.

S1E8: Beazley Digital - the path to 80% Straight Through Processing

In this episode, Juan welcomed as a guest James Wright, Head of Technology at Beazley Digital. They talked about Beazley's approach to delivering superb broker service and driving premium growth. Their unique approach focuses on alignment, technology and agile methodology.

S1E7: How the desire to provide better service to brokers impacts digitisation

In this episode Juan invited ex Hiscox SVP and the newest Head of North America at Cytora - Zaheer Hooda. They talked about the drivers behind Hiscox digital transformation efforts. In this brief chat they cover challenges of digitising and automating risk workflows , the path of achieving it at Hiscox.

S1E6: Next generation of underwriters - equipped with data, technology and analytics

In this episode, Juan and his guest Silvi Wompa, Group Head of Portfolio Underwriting at Swiss Re are talking about the underwriters of tomorrow. They cover what a role of an underwriter will require - acquiring new skills, evolving their relationship with data and finally how can technology support underwriters in their role.

S1E5: Markel: Turbocharging growth through productivity - breaking the cost/growth link

In this episode, Juan welcomed Lyn Comeford, the Director of Strategic Projects and Operations at Markel International. They talk about Markel's growth goals and their approach to breaking the relationship between growing the business and having to increase operational costs. They also cover the way technology can help underwriters be more satisfied with their jobs; and how to bring them on board with transformational changes.

S1E4: 3 key sources of data to fuel superior risk selection

In this episode Juan invited an industry expert Dan McNally to talk about the importance of data to driving superior risk selection. Dan, with over 20 years of experience in the underwriting and brokering world shared his insights on the different types of data insurers and underwriters need, and could benefit from. Covering submission data, internal data as well as 3rd party data - how to best leverage them and what are their shortcomings.

S1E3: The 3 steps to deploy digital risk flows for new business - deep dive

The goal of digitising risk flows is to enable automated decision making on the best course of action for each submission, characterising each risk with granular risk information and ensuring that underwriters only work on winnable, decision-ready risks. In this episode, Juan did a deep dive into the three main stages how to achieve that for the new business submissions: - the art and science of the submission digitisation, - risk submission evaluation according to the insurer’s strategy, - routing of the risk to the right downstream system or underwriter.

S1E2: Benefits of digital risk flows - Executive view with Kelly Lyles

In this episode, Juan and his guest Kelly Lyles, former Chief Executive at AXA-XL, talk about the benefits of digital risk flows. They touch upon the growing expense ratio within the insurance industry, making underwriters happier and more efficient employees and finding the holy grail of driving efficiency through data.

S1E1: Time for an Industrial Revolution in Insurance

Welcome to Making Risk Flow! In this intro episode, Juan talks about the mechanisms that drove the industrial revolution in the XVIII and XIX century and how it all relates to the Insurance industry nowadays. He outlines the principles of lean manufacturing and shows how they can be applied in risk processing workflows. Tune in to hear what else can you expect from our bi-weekly episodes of Making Risk Flow