Get quotes to market fast with Cytora for Outlook (beta)

Combining the best of our Property API with one of the most prevalent softwares in insurance: Microsoft Outlook

Over the past decade insurance IT spend has risen year on year; underwriters now have more tools than ever to help them serve their customers effectively. 

So why does none of this feel easier sometimes? Business comes in via email attachments, this has to be entered into a pricing tool, a risk accumulation tool, a CRM… While these are all good products in isolation, the underwriter can quickly be relegated to the position of form filler in chief, when they should be doing the high value tasks that computers can’t: strengthening relationships that fuel growth.

Put simply, if we want people to work well with one another, the tools they use must work well with one another too.

That’s why we are exploring a Microsoft add-in for property underwriters to look up risk information without leaving their inbox. Meet Cytora for Outlook.

As this add-in enters beta, we want to share it with the underwriting community for feedback, in a bid to improve the processing of insurance submissions in the inbox. 

How it works

Brokers don’t always provide a complete view of risk and waiting for them to respond to follow up questions takes precious time. Getting quotes out to market fast is crucial, saving underwriter time, increasing conversion and building trust with brokers. 

Cytora for Outlook (beta) combines the best of our Property API with one of the most prevalent softwares in insurance, Microsoft Outlook.

By embedding a property lookup tool into your inbox, you can perform searches and enrich submissions with key risk information in seconds, without the need to switch applications or email brokers.

With full coverage of properties in England, Scotland and Wales, you can determine the usage of a property and the crime statistics for the past 12 months without leaving your inbox. 

If you’re interested in trialling Cytora for Outlook in beta, please get in touch with us here.